Chris Nichols

Musician, Teacher and Workshop Leader
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Chris Nichols is a violinist and educator, who specialises in the folk music of the British Isles.

Articles and Tunes

Optimising Zoom for the Music Lesson

Zoom features technology that reduces background noise, cancels out echos and automatically adjusts the volume level to the spoken voice. Fortunately, with two simple changes to the settings, we can vastly improve the whole experience

How to Tune Your Violin or Viola

Learning how to tune your violin or viola is essential in getting the most from your instrument, and it makes it immeasurably more enjoyable to play! In this short article I am going to walk you through the steps to getting your violin or viola in...

MP3 Speed Changers

Maybe you’re wanting to practise to an accompaniment, or learn a tune from your favourite record by ear, but it is just too fast. Practising to a recorded accompaniment can be very helpful, especially when it comes to keeping a steady pulse,...

Katie’s Waltz

Katie's Waltz was written for the my then girlfriend (now wife!) back in 2010,  and was my first venture into tune writing.  From the liner notes of the 2019 Threepenny Bit CD King Ahtu:"Chris wrote this tune for his lovely wife, Katie. We...



A gifted and inspirational music teacher, he has a naturally infectious positive energy which motivates and encourages young people to enjoy exploring new ways of learning and playing creatively with others.

– Jo Harmer
Director of FolkActive

Chris is an exceptional fiddle player and a wonderful human being: as a Cornish step dancer, I love working with Chris as my go-to expert on Cornish music whenever the opportunity arises.

– Carmen Hunt
Cornish Dancer and Workshop Leader

Chris is an engaging and inspiring teacher. Both our sons thrive on his input; his instructions are clear and his examples easy to follow. Lessons with Chris are a highlight of their week and their improvement is obvious after every session with him.

– Benn

Mr Nichols is such an amazing music teacher! I wanted a kind, funny and energetic teacher. He’s all of them!

– Luhan (10)

Recent release


Absolutely joyous gig last night. Still feels special to see/hear live music again, especially music that became our soundtrack to the first lockdown.

Plus, a bonus shout-out for the wonderful #FAYE kids!
Thank you @sweeneyfiddle, @JackRutterer, @louisbcampbell, @bennicholls10


Members of the FolkActive Youth Ensemble were excited to meet up with @sweeneyfiddle at the @TurnerSims tonight! #FAYE

I found my friends there. I ate there. I relaxed there. I created there. I expressed myself there. I felt comfortable there. I laughed there. I discovered awesome music there. I didn’t want to leave there. It didn’t matter what happened, the Music Department was always there.

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