FAYE Tutorials

Below you will find the monthly folk tune tutorials I have put together for the FolkActive Youth Ensemble during the Covid-19 crisis. Please feel free to use share these videos with anyone who may like to try them out!

Bonny Kate

Discover the rich history of Today’s tune, Bonny Kate, frequently paired with Harper’s Frolic. Also recognized as “Black Legs,” this tune made its debut in John Johnson’s Two Hundred Favourite Country Dances (London, 1758).

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Here is the sheet music: Treble, Alto, Bass.

Harper’s Frolic

In this session you will learn a jolly D major polka called Harper’s Frolic.

Harper’s Frolic appears in Thompson’s Complete Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances. Vol 3 c.1773, and is regularly paired with Bonny Kate, which we will be learning in the next session video!

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Sheet music: Treble, Alto, Bass.

The Plane Tree

Welcome to the first in a series of folk tune tutorials put together for the FolkActive Youth Ensemble.

We are kicking off the series with The Plane Tree. Originally titled ‘Mominette’ and played as a reel in 4/4, this tune has transformed over time to also be played in the style of an English jig in E minor.

For more information about the tune visit the Alton Steady Session Website.